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NTD Business News- 8/12/2020
1. U.S. Budget Deficit Climbs To Record $2.81 Trillion
2. Wash. Creates $40M Fund For Illegal Aliens
3. Mnuchin: No Deal If Dems Won’t Compromise
4. U.S. Consumer Prices Rise 0.6% For July
5. NYC MTA Testing Fed Loans Vs. Wall Street
6. Uber CEO Threatens To Halt Calif. Services
7. U.S. Inks Deal With Moderna For 100M Vaccine Doses
8. Trump Ban Could Cut Tiktok From App Stores, Ads
9. Taiwan Aims For U.S. Free Trade Agreement
10. Apple Supplier Foxconn’s Profit Beats Expectation
11. Microsoft’s Surface Duo Out Sept. 10th
12. Stein Mart Files For Bankruptcy
13. Ivanka Trump: $122M For Women’s Empowerment Program
14. U.K. Economy Crashed Historic 20% In Q2
15. Working From Home: Challenges, Innovations

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