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In a court filing this week, New York Attorney General Letitia James said that members of the Trump family should be forced to testify in the ongoing investigation, and the evidence she provided to back up her claims show where the investigation is going. But more importantly, they also show that Ivanka Trump might be the one on the hook for committing bank fraud. Farron Cousins explains what these new court filings show.

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The situation in New York state with the ongoing investigation into the Trump organization. And of course now the Trump family has gained a lot of steam in just the last few weeks. And according to a court filing from New York attorney general, Leticia James this week, Ivanka Trump, might it be the one that goes down for bank fraud, according to the documents that James has filed with the court, seeking the court for the record to, uh, compel force the Trump family to come and testify. According to these documents, Ivanka Trump was the one who signed off on the papers that went to Deutche bank that over inflated the values of multiple different Trump properties in order to secure more funding.

What this means is that this was intentional, you know, intentionally over inflating the value to the bank in order to secure money that is textbook bank fraud. That is a felony. That is absolutely a prosecutable offense that people go to jail for. And the court filing itself says Ivanka was the one who off on these documents, which means as it stands right now, based on what we know Ivanka might actually be the biggest target in this investigation, or at least the most visible in terms of what the evidence shows target. What does this mean? Well, it means that Donald Trump might have a decision to make, are you gonna throw your favorite child under the bus? Are you going to let your beloved daughter go to jail for signing off on the potentially criminal activity? That’s your organization? I mean, at this point we can’t say clearly engaged in cuz they have not been convicted or even charged.

But to me personally, my opinion is it looks like they’re guilty as hell. It also looks at the New York attorney general is sitting on a hell of a lot more evidence than any of us had previously realized. Now I had expressed skepticism in the past and rightfully so I think about this investigation actually yielding any kind of results that could end up sending a member of the Trump family to prison and what I still believe that’s most likely the case. I am no longer as certain that that is going to happen. After reading through these court filings folks, these are really quite remarkable. It spells it out clear as day there’s timelines. There’s evidence, there’s testimony. There’s all kinds of things in these documents. And I have another segment coming up on it a little bit later about Eric Trump’s, uh, problems. I guess we’ll call them.

But Ivanka Trump right now looks to be the one who is probably in the most serious trouble based on what is publicly known as an executor of this corporation or not corporation of this company, cuz it’s a private company. She would be the one that would go down for admitting these fraudulent documents. And it likely would not matter if she didn’t know they were fraudulent. You know, if somebody just handed her the document said, Hey, Hey, you’re sign this and uh, get it over to the bank. And she said, okay, yeah, sure. Not checking it and not knowing the truth is not gonna be enough to keep you out of jail if they can prove somewhere along that line, there was fraud because what’s probably gonna happen based on what other people close to the investigation have said is this is probably gonna be a racketeering charge. They’re probably going after them for Rico, which means knowledge of it or not. You did participate in it. They can link you to it. And you’re gonna get charged with the same crime as everybody else. That appears to be the direction this investigation is heading. So unless somebody else in the family wants to step up and take the blame for what happened, it looks like they could all be going down. And if not, if they go individually, Ivanka could be the one to go first.

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