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Lindsey Graham never knows when to just stay quiet, and a recent casual statement from the Republican Senator has now put the spotlight on Ivanka Trump. Graham claims that Ivanka was one of the people that he texted during the Capitol Riot, and now calls are growing for answers about where she was on that day and why anyone would be texting her about what was taking place. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening and what it could mean for Ivanka.

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Lindsay Graham needs to understand that sometimes it’s best to just keep your mouth shut because the more Lindsay Graham seems to speak these days, the more he shows us, not only what a coward he is, but also what a moron he is because he spoke to CNN earlier this week, where he accidentally appeared to implicate Ivanka Trump in the growing January 6th text message scandal. Now to her credit. So far, Ivanka Trump had stayed out of it, right? In fact, stayed out of it to the point where people were wondering what the hell was Ivanka Trump doing that day. We know as I’ve discussed in a video, uh, recently that her and Jared Kushner actually threw a major party on January 7th, where nobody talked about the insurrection from the day before. So she went on with her life as normal. But what she was doing during that time has always remained a mystery until of course, Lindsay Graham, the moron came out and spilled the beans saying that he called her and said, you gotta do something to get your dad in line here. So he calls off these people. He needs to use harsh rhetoric. So based on what we know Ivanka, then like so many others reached out to mark. Meadows said, dad’s gotta do something here. Could, can you get daddy to do this? Okay. and then Meadows told her like, this isn’t enough. Like somebody else has gotta come and do this too. In fact, here’s what he said. I need you to come back down here. We’ve got to get this under control.

So Meadows said to Ivanka, I need you to come back down here. So I would think maybe the next target of the January 6th select committee needs to be Ivanka Trump, right? I mean, Graham just placed her squarely in this scandal, in the chain of events that happened that day. Mark Meadows, text messages have now placed Ivanka in the middle of this as well. You know, what’s one thing for people like Don junior. Again, we talked about that earlier this week to be texting Meadows, like make daddy stop these people. Okay. Junior, wasn’t a part of the administration, right? So it’s not like he was involved in any of this. He’s an outside observer, just sending texts because apparently I guess he doesn’t have his dad’s cell phone number, but if haka was there, she was literally there in the building. And according to this message from Meadows, I need you to get back down here.

She was with her father at some point, otherwise he would’ve said, I need you to get down here. Not, I need you to get back down here. See the difference there. So very interesting turn of events and thank you very much. Lindsay grand him for letting us know that Ivanka Trump was well aware of what was happening and that she was one of the people attempting to communicate to her father that he needed to do something. So yeah. Sounds like it might be time for that select committee to start issuing some more subpoenas. And the very first one clearly needs to go to Ivanka Trump. We need to know what she said to her father. We need to know what she said to Meadows. We need to know what Lindsay Graham was talking to her about as well. She is now an official part of that chain of events that happened inside the white house on January 6th. And she can pretend to be done with politics. She can stay out of the limelight. Like she pretty much has all year long, but at the end of the day she was there. She knew things. She saw things. She heard things and it’s time for the American public to know her involvement in this entire scandal.

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