Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

The Government Accountability Office announced last week that Ivanka Trump’s crowning achievement from her time in office – her Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative – was not just a failure, but it was an absolute mess of a failure that is still being sorted out. The Initiative sent money to the wrong people, they didn’t follow through, and they didn’t track many of the important resources that they were handing out. In short, the one single thing that Ivanka actually did while she was working in the White House was just as messed up as everything else from that administration. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses the GAO findings.

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Recently the government accountability office came out with a scathing new report showing that the one signature achievement of Ivanka Trump during her four years in Washington, DC, uh, was actually a total mess and a complete failure. And that one, one crowning achievement that she did have was the, uh, women’s global development and prosperity initiative, which was a initiative to help empower women, you know, get them to become business leaders, get them to become business owners, uh, basically help them, you know, break through the glass ceiling and go out there and do their own thing, which is a great initiative, by the way. Unfortunately, Ivanka Trump can’t run anything to save her life and this staying like everything else. She has touched like everything. Her father touches immediately turned to crap. Uh, here is how the daily put it, uh, the embarrassing report made six harsh recommendations to USAID among them identify the total funding, define what women owned businesses are and make sure that the data reported on the program is reliable in the future.

In some cases, according to the report, money was distributed to programs that never reported on how the funds were used. In other cases, the program sent surveys about fund use to the wrong people. Some of whom didn’t even work for the programs in question and other cases, no follow-up surveys were sent to anybody at all. So you had some recipients of this money from the government, uh, who were never asked another question again, like, okay, here, you’re getting this money because you’re going to be a, a woman powered business. That’s great. Here’s a bunch of money. This is government money. There’s always strings attached. We’re going to come back and follow up with you. And then they never did. So we have no idea where that money went. We have no idea what that money was spent on. We have no idea if that money even went to actual women.

And then of course you have people who got hold into. They said, all right, tell us where the money is. What did you use it for? And like, I, I had no idea what you’re talking about. I never got any government money. I’m not a part of the, uh, global women’s initiative. Please stop asking me questions. This is the incompetency of the Trump administration in full force here, folks. And let’s not forget that this program, that Ivanka Trump’s spearheaded here, even though she wasn’t running it, um, it was supported by broad bipartisan coalition of members of Congress. Like everybody thought this was a good idea because it is a good idea when you do it properly. Ivanka Trump went out there and gave speeches just on this thing. She went out there and talked about how amazing she is because she created this thing. And now we find out total piece of crap, just absolutely a total mess as the GAO put it and a failure. And those are also the same adjectives that we should probably be using at this point to describe Ivanka Trump, herself as well.


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