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Seiler-Ramadas, Radhika; Grabovac, Igor; Winkler, Roman; Dorner, Thomas Ernst – American Journal of Sexuality Education, 2021

Contemporary sex education requires a critical approach that entails a greater understanding of sexuality, relationships, and social skills. Applying emotional literacy practices in comprehensive sex education would improve its quality and comprehensive nature. Articles that informed (1) current practices of sex education (2) fundamental problems…

Descriptors: Sex Education, Teaching Methods, Barriers, Social Emotional Learning

Henry, Seán – Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 2022

This paper engages with two overarching questions: why is engaging with queer theologies potentially valuable for sex education, and how can we carry out this kind of work without rendering sex education an expression of queer theological commitment? In responding to the first of these questions, I argue that working with queer theologies can…

Descriptors: Sex Education, Social Theories, Social Attitudes, Social Bias

Astle, Shelby; McAllister, Paige; Emanuels, Sarah; Rogers, Jennica; Toews, Michelle; Yazedjian, Ani – Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 2021

Young people in the USA view the sex education they receive as outdated and insufficient. The prevalence rates of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy among adolescents further attest to the inadequacy of current sex education paradigms. In order to identify suggestions for the improvement of sex education, we conducted six focus groups…

Descriptors: College Students, Student Attitudes, Sex Education, Educational Improvement

Craig-Kuhn, Megan Clare; Schmidt, Norine; Lederer, Alyssa; Gomes, Gérard; Watson, Shannon; Scott, Glenis, Jr.; Martin, David H.; Kissinger, Patricia – Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 2021

The purpose of this study was to examine the association between institution-delivered sex education given under real-world conditions and sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates, STI fatalism, and prior STI testing among African American men aged 15-24 who have sex with women. Participants were tested at community venues for Chlamydia and…

Descriptors: Sex Education, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, African Americans, Males

Seiler-Ramadas, Radhika; Mosor, Erika; Omara, Maisa; Grabovac, Igor; Schindler, Karin; Niederkrotenthaler, Thomas; Dorner, Thomas E. – Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 2021

Relatively few studies have identified the means to improve the quality of sex education in schools. This study aimed to qualitatively investigate whether sex education in Austria facilitates the development of adolescent sexuality and awareness of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and highlights practical ideas that could help achieve a…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Sex Education, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Adolescents

ter Avest, K. H. – Religious Education, 2021

This contribution is situated in the discussion on sex education in the Netherlands, in relation to “Islamic Pedagogy,” in particular “Islam ‘and’ Pedagogy,” on the one side, and (religious) identity development on the other side. Islamic Pedagogy seems to be the theoretical framework of an example of developed teaching…

Descriptors: Islam, Sex Education, Religious Factors, Citizenship Education

Moulin-Stozek, Maria – Journal of Moral Education, 2021

In the last half-century the primary aim of sex education has centred on sexual health and reducing the number of sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies. However, this focus on the biological aspects of sex under the premise of the ‘value neutral’ transfer of knowledge has been criticised. Scholars have instead suggested…

Descriptors: Family Violence, Intimacy, Sex Education, Ethical Instruction

Evans, Reina; Widman, Laura; Goldey, Katherine – American Journal of Sexuality Education, 2020

Comprehensive sex education from schools and parents can reduce adolescent sexual risk. Little is known about the associations between adolescent sex education and sexual satisfaction among young adults–particularly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and other sexual minority (LGB+) young adults. We examined how adolescent sex education (comprehensive…

Descriptors: Sex Education, Sexuality, Satisfaction, LGBTQ People

Miškolci, Jozef; Bosý, Dávid; Jesenková, Adriana; Bosá, Monika; Minarovicová, Katarína – Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 2020

There exists no legal or academic consensus as to whether children’s access to sex education should be considered a human right. This study aimed to ascertain (1) how young people in Slovakia perceive sex education in terms of their human right to information, and (2) which areas sex education should covered to fulfil their right to information.…

Descriptors: Sexuality, Sex Education, Ethics, Foreign Countries

Wos, Klaudia; Kamecka-Antczak, Celina; Szafranski, Mateusz – European Journal of Special Needs Education, 2021

Full and equal access to sex education for all citizens is ensured by international legal acts. Research shows, however, that people with intellectual disabilities (ID) receive neither support in understanding their sexual rights, nor access to sex education tailored to their needs. Sex education classes at a special school in Poland are not…

Descriptors: Sex Education, Intellectual Disability, Equal Education, Access to Education

Garg, Namrata; Volerman, Anna – Journal of School Health, 2021

Background: Many youth engage in risky sexual behaviors that are associated with adverse sexual health outcomes. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning/queer (LGBTQ) youth are disproportionately affected. Comprehensive sex education is instrumental to minimize these outcomes; however, each state varies in the topics taught. Methods:…

Descriptors: State Policy, Educational Policy, Sex Education, LGBTQ People

Strnadová, Iva; Loblinzk, Julie; Danker, Joanne – British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 2021

Background: Students with intellectual disability often do not receive holistic sex education, which is critical for their successful transition to post-school life, including having an ability to make healthy choices about their sexuality and relationships. The aim of this inclusive research study was to explore the perceptions and experiences of…

Descriptors: Sex Education, High School Students, Females, Students with Disabilities

Broussard, Danielle L.; Eitmann, Linnea P.; Shervington, Denese O. – American Journal of Sexuality Education, 2019

Trauma-informed sex education is sensitive to students’ traumatic life experiences. Internet panel data for 600 Louisiana parents/caregivers of school-age youth were used to examine parental support for trauma-informed school-based sex education, and parental characteristics associated with supporting trauma-informed sex education. Nearly…

Descriptors: Sex Education, Trauma, Experience, Parent Attitudes

Espinoza, Luis Enrique – Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 2019

This study sought to investigate the association between nativity status and Hispanic young women’s formal sex education and parental sex education in the USA. We used data from a cross-sectional sample of 310 Hispanic young women aged 18-24 years old from the 2013-2015 US National Survey of Family Growth. We assessed 11 outcomes: four formal sex…

Descriptors: Sex Education, Hispanic Americans, Females, Parents as Teachers

Nadeem, Amina; Cheema, Maryam Khalid; Zameer, Sheharyar – Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 2021

This comparative cross-sectional study provides insight into the perceptions of Pakistani Muslim parents and teachers with respect to sex education. A validated questionnaire was distributed to 418 participants, using uncontrolled quota sampling and a total of 273 subjects responded. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS v.25. In this…

Descriptors: Muslims, Parent Attitudes, Teacher Attitudes, Sex Education


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