Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Stephen Colbert reckons Donald Trump Jr.’s mail-order meat promotion sounds more frightening than it does appetizing.

“Until they face consequences, the ex-president’s family is still out there peddling their wares,” Colbert said on Tuesday night’s “Late Show.”


For example, Trump Jr. recently made a post on Instagram promoting Good Ranchers, a MAGA-friendly mail-order meat company.

“If you haven’t heard about Good Ranchers before, you need to. They’re one of the only companies out there delivering 100% American meat to your door 100% of the time,” Trump Jr. said in the video, which offered the code “MAGAKING” for two free ribeye steaks.

Colbert was a little disturbed by this vow.

“One hundred percent of the time, there will be meat at your door. Every time you open it ― Boom! More meat. Like it or not, meat there! You’re gonna have to walk over the meat every time you open your door,” he joked. “That sounds less like a delivery and more like a threat. ‘Hey, snitches get rib tips. All I’m saying is I’d hate to see your wife and kids end up with infinite meat.’”

“Given this family’s whole deal, what’s the grift here? Is it gopher meat?” Colbert added.

As it turns out, the business saw its Better Business Bureau accreditation revoked last year after it failed to deal with numerous customer complaints “with integrity, good faith and intent to do what is reasonably expected,” among other issues.


Watch more of Colbert’s monologue below:


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