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Ivanka Trump grew up in the public eye as she is the daughter of the real estate mogul Donald Trump and fashion designer Ivana Trump. While she started her career as a model, she joined the Trump Organization after graduating college. She also started her fine line jewelry and clothing label to pursue her passion of being a fashion designer. Her business took off as she generated $75 million each year and peaked in her career. Ivanka Trump has amassed a $300 million fortune and is one of the wealthiest heiresses in America. She also makes $13 million yearly from her stake in Trump Hotel, Washington.

Along with her husband, Jared Kushner, a multi-million dollar heir, the couple has a dynasty with their influential names. From buying expensive art worth millions to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Ivanka Trump makes thoughtful expenses. Let’s look at how she spends her $300 million fortune.

8 Art Collection

Ivanka Trump collects modern art, as seen in her various homes. According to The Guardian, her collection is worth $25 million. It features notable artwork such as layers of the alphabet on a canvas by Will Boone, a blank canvas with a rainbow frame by Ostrowski, and Lowman’s Black Escalade bullet hole pieces worth $665,000.

7 Real Estate

Born into a wealthy family, Ivanka Trump grew up in homes worth millions. Along with owning a penthouse in the Trump Tower and a Mar-A-Lago estate, she bought her first starter home in 2000, a penthouse, for $1.1 million. After marrying Kushner, she moved to Manhattan’s $3.2 million duplex. She bought a mansion in DC during Trump’s presidency and, in 2021, spent $24 million to buy a fixer-upper mansion in Miami that is under construction.

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6 Car Collection

Wearing a Ferrari jacket even as a child, Ivanka Trump has always loved cars. Her collection, which costs upwards of $300,000, is a classic combination of vintage and modern. One of her favorite cars is the Mercedes 220 SE Ponton from the 1950s, worth $200,000 today. To pick up and drop off her kids or run errands, Trump prefers to drive around in a $60,000 Dodge Ram Pickup or a GMC Yukon, as noted by Scmp. Trump is often spotted driving the car during a date night with her husband, Jared Kushner.

5 Statement Clothes

As a fashion designer, Ivanka Trump has a good eye for fashion and is always dressed in elegant outfits that cost a few extra thousand more than a regular dress. When going for a date night with her husband, she wears minidresses from designers like David Koma or Alessandra Rich for a formal event. She wore one of her most elegant outfits at the 2017 Freedom Inaugural Ball in a crystal-embellished gown designed by Carolina Herrera.

4 Renting Home

While buying and building a property can be daunting, it is important to keep an eye on the estate to ensure that the dream home is perfectly made. Ivanka Trump signed a one-year lease to rent an apartment in Arte, Miami, close to her Indian Creeks property. The oceanfront rental cost $45,000 a month and was designed by Antonio Citterio. The pyramid-shaped building where the couple lived in 2021 only has 21 units and a direct-entry elevator with a rooftop lounge and a children’s play area.

3 Health And Lifestyle

Ivanka Trump ensures that she follows a healthy lifestyle to stay in shape as a working mother of three. As mentioned by Women’s Health, she went off carbs after her second pregnancy and focused on whole grains foods with good fats and high protein. She starts her day with a glass of lemon water and a bowl of mixed berries. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, she works out on home cardio or jogs around the neighborhood, followed by lunch with a variety of chicken, salmon, or a salad. She starts her morning at 05:30 AM to finish her exercise and give all her attention to the children after they awake.

2 Expensive Family Vacations

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are known to take their young family on vacations during the summers and special holidays. Trump is known to sometimes borrow her father’s yacht to lounge by the sea while she rents smaller yachts when she celebrates holidays with just her family. Her family has been spotted enjoying ski trips in Colorado and beach vacations in Miami. Trump was famously seen on vacation in Eastern Europe with Wendi Deng, Putin’s then-rumored girlfriend, in 2016.

1 Philanthropy

Ivanka Trump worked closely with her father while he was the President and helped several organizations during her time as an advisor in the White House. Trump also spends money to contribute to the struggling regions in the world. Most recently, she donated one million meals to the people of Ukraine at the Ukraine-Poland border, as stated by Fox News. She contacted several non-profit organizations, such as City of Destiny and Mercy Chefs, to provide meals to the families.

Ivanka Trump also spends millions traveling the world in private jets with her family for important events and vacations. As a personality who grew up in the limelight, Ivanka Trump has always been elegant in showing her lifestyle and continues to grow her fortune alongside her husband.

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Sources: The Guardian, Scmp, Women’s Health, Fox News

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